About Me

Owner/operator Colleen Moore has worked in the hospitality industry in a range of capacities for over 15 years, as well as experimented with a number of other career paths in her quest for true happiness. Through knowledge, a belief of building strong relationships and a bit of luck she’s found it in all her furry and not so furry friends.

4 years ago Colleen met 2 beautiful dogs with 2 big attitude problems, and a frustrated owner who refused to use force with his beloved pets. On went the search for a solution and a new career opportunity arouse, Colleen started doing her research of trainers in Victoria and met Sherry Antonishen owner/operator of SmartDog Training. Over the course of the 3 years working with Smart Dog Training she has worked her way into teaching classes as well as doing private lessons and has adopted a belief in SmartDogs Training Philosophy, which she carries on to Beyond the Leash. She has also attended training seminars with Training gurus such as Jean Donaldson of the SanFrancisco SPCA academy for dog trainers, Steve White Police K9 officer in Sanfrancisco, and Susan Clothier Dog trainer and author.

Through these classes and her meeting with clients a common problem arose for concerned doggie parents, who could they trust with their beloved pets. That’s where the idea for Beyond the Leash arose.

Now Colleen dedicates herself to providing a specialized service in which your beloved pet gets to exercise the body as well as the mind, and comes home just a tired as you are.